ifuel_logo collaborates with Koomasi since July 2011; Koomasi develops iFuel GR for devices running Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod). The application achieved about 9,500 downloads within 10 days of introduction (currently more than 55,000) and received many warm reviews.

wp_bres_ti_benzini_splash collaborates with @erevidofwntas since July 2011; @erevidofwntas develops “Bres ti Benzini” and “Bres to” applications for the Microsoft Windows Phone platforms.The application is constantly ranked #1 in “Travel and Navigation” in Greek Zune Marketplace (more than 10,000 installs combined). During the first week of August 2011, it ranked in top-3 of all free applications and in top-5 of all (paid and free) applications. “Benzini GR” is the latest addition, available since November 2012 and among the first applications for the Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms.

gaspricegr collaborates with since April 2012, exchanging geolocation information and community-generated prices for LPG. This enriched content is then made available to all MobifuelGR subscribers.