Mobistuff.net provides content enriched with geolocation and positioning information for engaging presentation on mobile social platforms. Our motto is “Smart information on the go“.

MobifuelGR is our flagship product. We provide up-to-date prices for gas, petrol, heating oil, and LPG in Greece enriched with accurate geolocation information about the position of the gas stations on the map. To see an example use of MobifuelGR, check our online demo.

MobifuelGR powers applications on all popular smartphone and tablet platforms: Google Android (VenziniGR), Apple iOS (iFuelGR), Microsoft Windows Phone (Bres ti Benzini), and Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT (BenziniGR). OpenCoffee Patras IV Reloaded included a presentation of MobifuelGR.

We love to engage in interesting projects about mobile social applications. MobiLabs is a public exhibition of some already implemented.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry you may have; we are always glad to hear your views and ideas!

The Mobistuff.net team.
info -at- mobistuff.net